Southbank Sinfonia

“At the close of this important season which re-established and re-connected our community and our beautiful concert series, we were rewarded with another sumptuous and glorious performance from Marlborough College’s professional orchestra in partnership, London’s Southbank Sinfonia”

Black Dyke Band

“There are many ways in which Brass Bands attempt to create a sense of credibility and value in what they do…”

Jess Gillam

“Jess Gillam is a natural. That has been plain to see since she hit the big time and leapt to fame some years ago…”

Imogen Cooper

“To many listeners (including myself!) this programme represented a kind of musical heaven, and Imogen Cooper gave a marvellous account of both pieces…”

The Tallis Scholars

“Precision, consummate control, intimate musical shapes, exquisite blend, are just a few of the hallmarks of this extraordinary group…”

Martin Roscoe

“We were charmed by the delicate and sometimes mischievous moments found in Debussy’s Children’s Corner. There is no doubt that Roscoe genuinely loves relating stories through his playing…”

Sheku and Isata Kanneh-Mason

“The programme was carefully crafted to display not only the familiarity of both musicians’ dialectics but also their respective instruments; the cello verging on obbligato in Beethoven’s take on Die Zauberflöte…”

John Lill

“In mentioning the acoustics of the hall as he left, he commented ‘it’s perfect’. From someone of his stature that’s high praise indeed. He’s pretty perfect too…”

BBC Big Band

“To herald the new season it was important to make a splash, and what better way than to invite the legendary BBC Big Band with conductor, Barry Forgie and Elaine Delmar as soloist. In short, it was sensational…”