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Tickets are available for collection at the door on the day of the concert.


The Tallis Scholars

We needed that. After a barren eighteen months with precious little live music making in and around the College (except on line) the appetite for a resumption of something resembling normality was urgently required. What better way than to rekindle the beauty of live music than a concert of the sacred vocal music of the Italian Renaissance in the setting of the College’s glorious Chapel given by the Tallis Scholars. 

Precision, consummate control, intimate musical shapes, exquisite blend, are just a few of the hallmarks of this extraordinary group. Peter Phillips is their evergreen Director who continues to expertly coax the most sublime sounds from the group which makes for a truly inspirational experience for the listener. Tempi is so crucial in music and Phillips judges this to perfection – the music always has a natural flow but without ever sounding rushed and the detail of every musical nuance shines through in abundance. 

There were many highlights in this performance but surely the Allegri Miserere deserves a special mention. Not just because it is the ‘Allegri Miserere’ but because of the way it was delivered. The tenor solo was enchanting, and the increasing embellishment of the off stage soprano solo line was utterly compelling. Without wanting to get too nerdy, the accented passing note of ‘that B’ in the final passage was beautifully outrageous and brought a smile to some of the onstage artists, not to mention a few in the audience…..simply stunning. 

In my programme notes I mentioned the words uplifting and heartening (to be back) and this concert was everything and more. Thank you, Tallis Scholars. Indeed, we certainly needed that. 

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director